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Hey bloggers welcome back to another post and in this post I will be showing you examples of my international comments and I will be telling you, what is a good comment? Down below there is the comments! So I will start off with what is a good comment. A good comment is when you be honest, no negative words leave your blog name and the most important thing is to leave your link. All of those things that I just mentioned are super important for comments.

Comment 1.

Hi Jayson,

You commented on my blog so I will comment back on yours! You commented on Top 5 Favorite Soccer Teams And Players On That Team post. You asked me who I liked better, so I will tell you now. My favorite player is Ronaldo but as you can see from your post is Messi is better . (And by the way I am from Montreal!)

Zlatan Online

Comment 2.

Hi Beki,

I also act funny around my friends! Well at least most of them. I heard that Doug is energetic. You should see my brother! He has nonstop energy! Please comment on my blog!

Have a good day! Zlatan Online

I hope you guys can keep up the good work on the posts and the comments!!!

And by the way please comment on some of my other posts!

Student Blog Challenge

Hey bloggers!

Today I will be talking about the Student Blog Challenge (I am a part of the students). The Student Blog Challenge is about all of the students worldwide that have a blog and they will make posts and they will comment. It brings students from all over the world to communicate with other people that we will probably never meet.

Sorry guys but this was a micro post. I hope you can see my other posts! Bye

The Elf And His Friend Worst Day

Image source: Pixabay
Hey guys! Today I will be reading you guys my story that I wrote in class with Mrs. Theriault. I am not that good at writing long stories. So YAY let’s get right into the story!

One day there was a small Wizard’s elf. This elf was named Peter. He had one elf friend. Peter’s only friend was named Jeff. Both elves had to go to a magic school before they go to a higher job so they had to go though New York City. They walked and walked until they reached the Grand Central Station. They got to the Grand Central Station and they had to go to another spot in the train station so they ran before the train left. The two elves had to go past a security guard and then go through a mouse hole in the wall and then the last thing they had too go through was a big and strong goblin.It took the friends about 2 hours to go through all of the challenges.The train was exactly 1342 meters deep into the ground.They took the train to a sea side.They took a small little row boat there and then a slimy lagoon creature right next to the Statue Of Liberty. They both though it was a statue so they went to go see it and the slimy lagoon creature took them into his house underwater. He was about to cook them in a pot but then he got distracted from his phone. It was his boss on the phone asking him what he was going to have for super. Obviously he said that he was cooking 2 elves. By the time he was done on his phone Peter and Jeff had somehow sneaked out of the pot and they started their way to magic school and they all lived happily ever after.THE END

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Christmas 2016

Christmas morning is always fun because you jump out of bed and go downstairs and see how big and how many presents you get but not in my house! In my house we have to wait until my parents are awake. My parents always take so long before they wake up so I have to wait a long time before I can even look from our stairs. So this post is about what I got for Christmas. I got Nutella (I GOT PRANKED BY MY PARENTS!LOL!), I got a lot of clothes, tickets to a Harlem Globe Trotters game (They are a basketball team),I went to The Great Escape Lodge and that was also a Christmas present, I got a lot of toys. Oh my gosh! I forgot about something awesome that I got, I got a drone. Yes you might think it’s a cheap one but no I saw it at Walmart and it was over 100$.

What Would I Like To Be Special About?

Cavaliers at Wizards 11/21/14

Cavaliers at Wizards 11/21/14

Image Source:Wikimedia Commons

Hey readers today I will be telling you  about what I want to be special about. If I were special like Harry Potter I would not like being whispered at because you will never know what they are saying.Harry Potter doesn’t like being whispered about but like I said I don’t like Harry Potter and I am not like him at all so I don’t care if I am being whispered about. Being special like Harry is cool because your parents are one of the most popular people in the Harry Potter world.Being popular is cool because everybody wants to be your friend and wants to invite you to your house or birthday.Its cool because you will have a busy schedule and a lot of friends. Continue reading